Installer Tools

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Rotary Cable Stripping Tool

QUALITY ROTARY Cable Stripping Tool

- A high quality rotary coax cable stripper for preparing RG6 type cables prior to fitting an 'F' connector
- The stripper uses a V shaped reversible cassette with a clever lever mechanism
- The tool measures 100mm in length and is manufactured from an impact resistant plastic

- Indicator arrow showing which V block to be used with which RG cable size
- Stripping distance can be changed by moving stripper blades
- Easy one-operation jacket and conductor stripping
- Adjustable blade sensitivity using integrated hexagonal key
- Reversible V block

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Crimping Tool F-Type connections


Crimping Tool for F-Type connectors .This crimping tool is for use with RG6 / CT100 / WF100 Budget and MIL Quality crimp plugs.