DarkBox DM 5000 1CA Usb PVR

DARKBOX DM 50000 1CA USB PVR Receiver.
  • 10,000 CHANNELS
  • USB 2
  • PVR READY ( Records FTA + Scrambled channels)
  • 7 DAY EPG
  • DISEQC 1.2
  • Recommended with Digitalb-Supersport

DarkBox GDS7000 HD CX + Free LNB

DarkBox GDS7000 HD CX + Free DarkGold 0.1 db LNB , This receiver can be used for Freesat HD and a lot more besides. It has the ability to store thousands of channels, be used on multi-Satellites and drive a moveable dish . The receiver can also be firmware flashed, has USB and HDMI ports.

It also comes with a free LNB.

DarkBox HD USB PVR Super


Dark Box HD Super USB PVR  Digital High Definition Satellite Receiver;  Conax (multicas) Card Reader with 2CI.

DarkBox HD Combo Super USB PVR


Dark Box HD Combo Super Digital High Definition Satellite Receiver and Terrestrial Tuner, Conax (multicas) Card Reader with 2CI.