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Technomate 0.1dB HD Super High Gain Black Single LNB

Technomate 0.1dB Single Super High Gain digital universal LNB for fixed and motorised systems . Low Noise LNB , Ideal for weak signal areas.

This LNB is one of the best LNB available in the market and it has a very good performance overall..

Technomate 0.2 dB HD Single LNB


Technomate 0.2 dB High Perfomance LNB . Low Noise LNB ideal for fixed and motorised.
Low Power Consumption
Very High frequency stability
Very high cross pol perfomance

Supreme Dark Motor DiseqC 1.2 with LED Display

The Supreme Intelligent Dark Motor has a built-in LED Display that displays which satellite you are on, making installation a lot easier , quicker and more accurate even for a novice.

Supreme Intelligent DarkMotor with Led Dispay and Metal Gear. It is low Noise and 50% Faster with Intelligent Finder Calculator built in ...Software protected.

The Supreme Intelligent Dark Motor supports DiSEqC 1.2, DiSEqC 1.3 / Go To X / USALS protocols.

The Supreme Intelligent Dark Motor uses Metal Gears.

Technomate TM-2600 Super

TM 2600 Super Motor - All Metal Drive Motor !  This is the latest motor from Technomate .
DiSEqC Satellite Motor 1.2-1.3/USALS GotoX . Very easy to set up and is an ideal replacement for your current motor.. This motor is specially designed for receivers with a diseqc 1.2.  With it being high efficiency designed with a robust metal drive it makes this motor extremely long lasting, fast and durable.  The motor has an ultra low noise and a compact structure.  Everything is controlled via only one coaxial cable and has adjustable hardware limits.  It has a zero drive mechanism, strong zinc alloy gearbox inside and a zero drive play mechanism making this motor highly recommended for users with a dish up to a 1.38M dish with a 2 inch pole mount.

Technomate TM 4 Way DiseqC Switch

Technomate Brand DiSEqC 4 Way SAT SWITCH. This four way diseqc switch enable you to connect up to four satellites / LNB's  running on one single cable to the receiver.  It has an automatic switch.