Satlook Micro G2 ( NIT Spectrum) Emitor DVB-S Satellite Meter Ex Demo

The Satlook Micro G2  is a Satellite Test Equipment for the professional made in Sweden. The Satlook G2 can receive DVB-S satellite signals and use advanced demodulators and can “lock” on transponders using automatic modulation type, symbol rate and FEC selection. They are easily operated with just three controls and the basic functions are easy to learn.
The instruments are provided with a 3" LCD which is used to display information such as signal strength, Spectrum, or Digital information. The Satlook G2  can be used to measure satellite signals from two LNBs at the same time. Signal strength is presented graphically on the LCD display in form of thermometer scales.

The Satlook Micro G2 gives all the information you could ever want and is the Ideal professional meter for day to day use by installers it has NIT features and much more on the LCD display -

The EMITOR SATLOOK MICRO G2 is a swedish made SAT-TV instrument. The unit is made for exact alignment and adjustment of satellite-dishes. It is intended for professional use when high accuracy and precise information are needed. It´s easily operated without a lot of unnecessary buttons and knobs. The basic functions are easy to get a hold on and takes only minutes to learn.

The instrument is provided with a 3" LCD which either shows Sat-signal strength or Digital information.

The SATLOOK MICRO G2 is unique as it can measure satellite signal from two LNBs at the same time. Signalstrength is presented graphical on the LCD-display in form of thermometer-scales. It can present pitchtones (the higher tone the better signal) on a loudspeaker. This second generation of the MICRO, G2, can also present the Satellite spectrum, freq: 950-2150 MHz in different steps of resolution. This will make it very easy for the skilled installer to know what satellite he is recieving.

Further more the SATLOOK MICRO G2 show Digital information like BER (bit error rate), constellation-diagram (QPSK) and S/N (signal/noise ratio). The NIT function can identify the various TV-satellites by reading out the NIT in the Bitstream (NIT = Network Information Table). The NIT also contains info about the transponders TV and Radio-channels.

SATLOOK MICRO G2 can store up to 99 positions of Satellite transponder information. The instrument can easily scan through the memory positions and identify the various Satellite transponders. The polarisation of the LNB is switchable 13V/18V and the Hi-Lo band with 22 kHz-tone. The DiSEqC-function controls all DiSEqC-accessories (like switches, LNB´s and actuators).

The power of the instrument is supplied by a built in and rechargeable battery. Even though the instrument has a lot of functions it is still very light and flexible.


Technical specification :

  • Input frequency: 920-2150MHz.
  • Sat-TV min level in: About 35 dBuV (noise).
  • Sat-TV max level in: About 100 dBuV.
  • Input/output impedance: 75 Ohm, F-connectors.
  • Measuring method (analog): Spectrum analyzer
  • Signal presentation on LCD -display
  • in form of thermometer scales.
  • Pitch-tone, highest tone on loudspeaker.
  • Measuring method (Digital): BER (bit error rate)
  • S/N (signal/noise-ratio)
  • Constellation (QPSK)
  • Max-level: Thermometer scales showing max.
  • Maxhold function.
  • BER, S/N and QPSK showing max.
  • Satellite-identification: Yes, by reading out the NIT in the
  • bitstream. Info about the TV and
  • Radio channels.
  • Memory: Up to 99 transponders can be
  • stored with name.
  • Memory locks on: FEC, Symbol-rate Frecuency,
  • 13/18v, 22kHz.
  • Memory search: The instrument scans the memory
  • positions and presents the
  • matching transponders.
  • Presentation: On LCD 3”
  • PC-connection: Yes, RS232-output
  • Power out: Yes, 13-18V.
  • 22 kHz tone: Yes, on/off.
  • DiSEqC: Yes, all 1.0 and 1.1. Also
  • Toneburst on/off.
  • DiSEqC actuator: Built in positioner for DiSEqC 1.2,
  • SatScan and SatSelect.
  • Battery: Rechargable 12v, 3.5amp/hour.
  • Operational: About 1 hour on a fully charged
  • Battery.
  • Weight: 1.5kg incl.battery & carrying case.


    • Nylon carrying-case.
    • Power-supply of 230V13.5V,1.7A
    • Car-charger.
    • Manual
    • RS232 Modem Cable ( Usbt to Rs232 Cable not included)

New feature on the Satlook Micro + G2 :

MATCH MAKING - Now the Micro has a new feature that we call "Match making" just select wanted satellite on the Micro and align the dish until the Micro identify the satellite on the screen and with a beep! The satellite match is verified with the transmitted NIT data.

This new function helps the installer to make a quick and easy installation!

This SatLook Micro G2 meter is Ex-demo supplied with 3 Months RTB warranty...