SLX 8 Way Aerial Amplifier with Digital

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SLX 8 Way Distribution Amplifier / Booster  with digital Bypass . Built-in digital bypass for use with Sky remote extenders.
• 6dB gain to each output
• 8 Way output
• Short circuit protection on each output

Fixed gain, plug-in, signal amplifiers for use with TV, FM and Digital (DAB) Radios, when fed from a suitable aerial. The amplifiers can also be used to link a satellite decoder to a TV and/or a video recorder. These units are housed in an attractively styled box fitted with mains lead for plugging directly into a 13A socket.
Unlike most on the market these amplifiers have a digital bypass built-in. If you are using a Sky remote control extender , regular amplifiers prevent them from working.

No. of Outputs: 2 4 6 8
No. of Inputs: 1 2 2 2
Freq. Range
VHF/UHF: 47-230MHz 47-230MHz 47-230MHz 47-230MHz
Max Output Level: 94dBµV 90dBµV 87dBµV 83dBµV
Noise figure: 3.5dB <=4dB <=4dB <=4dB
Isolation Loss: 22dB 22dB 23dB 23dB
Impedance: 75Ω 75Ω 75Ω 75Ω
Weight 330g 550g 785g 790g
Dimensions (mm): 130x75x45 178x85x46 270x85x46 270x85x46