SLX Gold 6 Way F Type Tv Aerial Amplifier

Best Range with Gold F-Type

Designed to distribute Digital TV and Digital Radio signals to up to 6 TVs/DAB tuners Specifications

  • Flat gain response across full frequency spectrum ensures optimum digital reception
  • Fully compatible with Sky™/Sky+™ digieye/digilink remote control extender systems
  • Can be used to boost the signal from VCRs, DVDs and satellite receivers
  • DAB/FM tuner can be connected to any of the amplifier outputs
  • Features built in Tetra Filters, Surge Protection and Short Circuit Protection
  • Full VHF compatibility for TV and FM/DAB including Ireland
  • 8dB gain per port. Noise figure <4dB
  • Frequency Range VHF/FM/DAB47-230MHz UHF 470-862MHz
  • Heat sealed retail packaging