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ArmasTriple-Dragon PVR 500Gb HDD


Triple Dragon PVR Receiver with 500gb Hard Drive fitted.PVR enthusiasts digital satellite receiver, with 2 integrated smartcard readers (Conax) and 1 Common Interface slot. . Features include unlimited favourite lists, 6000 channel capacity and Dolby Digital. Software can be updated via Windows, Linux TFTP servers or via PC networks.

                  The Enthusiast receiver for all others to beat

  The latest software makes this receiver what we always knew it could be – it’s still a receiver for the computer savvy but the rewards of owning this machine and sharing experiences with other users leave us speechless, this is the receiver that Uli Herrman “Dr. Overflow” of the Dbox fame has moved to supporting –  some support sites are here




  - Manual is Here 


  - JKF intersat Forum 

  - USA Review and support



Main processing components

  - CPU IBM PowerPC 405

  - RAM 64 MB for operation system and applications

  - 16 MB for graphical subsystem (frame buffer)

  - ROM 8 MB Flash EEPROM

hical subsystem (frame buffer)

  - ROM 8 MB Flash EEPROM


  - Input 1x F-Connector

  - Output 1x F-Connector

  - Input-/Output-Impedance 75 Ohm

  - IF-frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz

  - IF-signal level -65 to -25 dB

  - Channel Bandwidth/td> ariabel 10 - 30 MHz in steps of 2,5 MHz

  - Tuning system PLL-Synthesizer

  - Minimum tuning step size 125 KHz

  - PLL-Lock time typ. 20 ms / max. 50 ms

  - LNB-Supply voltage 14 / 18 V

  - Max. LNB-Supply current 400 mA

  - LNB Control-signal 22 KHz / 0,6 Vpp


  - Modulation types QPSK (DVB-Systems), BPSK (Software not finished) (DSS-Systems)

  - Symbol rates 2 - 45 MBaud

  - FEC DVB: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

  - DSS: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 6/7

MPEG decoder

  - Video MPEG-2 according ISO/IEC 13818-2 MP@ML

  - MPEG-1 according ISO/IEC 11172-2

  - Audio MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 (Layer I and II) and MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3)

Audio-/Video In-/Outputs

  - combined In-/Outputs 2x Euro-AV (SCART), there from:

  - 1 x TV-Out with RGB/YUV (optional with Sync on green),

  - Composite Video (CVBS) and stereo Audio - 1x Aux-In for RGB, Composite Video (CVBS) and stereo Audio

  - 1x RF-Out (UHF-Modulator Software-controllable)

  - Video In-/Outputs 1x RCA (Cinch) Composite Video Out (CVBS)

  - 1x RCA (Cinch) Composite Video In (CVBS)

  - 1x Mini-DIN (Hosiden) S-Video Out

  - Audio In-/Outputs 1x RCA (2x Cinch) stereo Audio Out

  - 1x RCA (2x Cinch) stereo Audio In

  - 1x RCA (Cinch) electrical S/PDIF digital Audio Out

  - 1x Toslink optical S/PDIF digital Audio Out

Data In-/Outputs

  - Netzwork 1x RJ45 100 Mbit/s Full Duplex

  - USB 1x Typ A with optional cable adapter

  - Systembus 1x 50-pin Mini-Sub-D Connector for DVR-3000

  - IDE 1x 40-pin ribbon cable connector for additional hard disk


  - Integrated 2x Cardreader licensed for Conax. Other systems on demand and necessary licensing

  - Common Interface 1x Slot for CI-Modules

User interface

  - Global OnScreen Display OSD an TV and LC-Display

  - OSD-/LCD-Languages English, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Turkish

Channel management

  - Storable channels depending on the channel name length between 6000 and 8000.

  - With reconfiguration of the memory management even more possible

  - Favorites unlimited, free editable

  - Channels search per satellite automatic all configured satellites, choice of configured satellites or one satellite.

  - User choice storing all Channels or only free to air channels

  - Channel search per transponder yes, by input of satellite- and transponder relevant data

Antenna control

  - Mini-DiSEqC yes

  - DiSEqC 1.0 yes

  - DiSEqC 1.1 yes (Software not yet finished)

  - DiSEqC 1.2 (Rotor) yes

  - USALS (Rotor) yes (not yet certified)

  - 12V Relais yes, also in combination with DiSEqC/USALS

  - LNB-Power for polarity control or switched off fur special purpose configurations

  - C-Band reception yes

Video outputs

  - RGB yes via SCART-connector, no YUV if RGB is selected

  - YUV yes via SCART-connector, no RGB if YUV is selected

  - S-Video yes, dedicated output Mini-DIN-connector

  - Composite Video (CVBS) yes, dedicated output Cinch-connector and SCART-connector

  - HF-modulated yes, UHF channel 21 to 69, controllable by software


  - 50 Hz Systems PAL-B/G/H, PAL-N, PAL-I, PAL-K, SECAM-L/D/K, SECAM-H

  - 60 Hz Systems NTSC-M, PAL-M

Picture aspect ratio

  - 4:3 yes, in this case 16:9 as letterbox or zoomed

  - 16:9 yes, in this case 4:3 with vertical borders

  - Automatic 4:3 / 16:9 yes, signalling to the TV via SCART-switching voltage


  - Dolby Digital AC3 yes, if available to the channel. Bitstream out to S/PDIF-outputs

  - DTS yes, if available to the channel. Bitstream out to S/PDIF-outputs

Electronic Program Guide EPG

  - Short Event Info yes, for current and next transmission while switching to the channel or after request

  - Long Event Info yes, for all available transmissions from the channel by request


  - Software-Decoder yes, according to Level 1.5 incl. Enhancements Cache 4000 pages

  - Character sets Latin including all national subsets, Kyrillic, Greek

  - Navigation systems TOP, FLOF and Cursor

  - Subtitles yes, also without knowledge about the page number via OSD

Software Updates

  - Medium via Network from a PC

  - From Windows-PC free Tool or every TFTP-Server-Software

  - From Linux-PC Linux-integrated TFTP-Server

Programming interface

  Plug-in loadable from USB-Memory (USB-Sticks, ...)

Shipped parts

  - Set-Top-Box

  - Power cord

  - Remote control

  - mounting-kit for hard disk, preinstalled with cables




Download the newest version of Triple Dragon software  for Europe (PAL System)

Download the newest version of Triple Dragon software for USA & Canada (NTSC System)

Download the newest version of Triple Dragon Manuals:
Manual English:
Software Update:
Network Setup:
Code of remot control:

Download various official tools from these locations 
PVR Linux Triple Dragon SetTopBox:
This Forum is the main source for Information where you can ask questions and get answers

1 x Common Interface slot
- 2 x smartcard reader (Conax)
- 6000 channel capacity
- PVR ready (set-up for adding HDD)
- Multi-language OSD in English, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and more
- Extendable multi-day EPG
- TOP-FLOF teletext/subtitles
- 2 x Euro-AV (SCART output)
- 1 x Composite Video Out (CVBS)
- 2 x Clinch audio output
- Electrical and optical digital audio outputs (Dolby)
- LNB loopthrough
- Symbol Rates 2 - 45 MBaud
- DiSEqC Mini/1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS (non-certified)
- C-band reception compatible
- USB 1x Typ A with optional cable adapter
- System bus 1x 50-pin Mini-Sub-D Connector for DVR-3000
- Software via Windows, Linux TFTP servers or via PC networks