Pace TDS470N SKY+ Digibox 80gb


Pace TDS470N SKY + 80gb PVR 3  digibox, silver , latest Model.This digibox has a built in hard drive recorder, 80Gb. It allows you to watch one channel while watching another. 

Pace’s third generation Sky+ PVR set-top box for BSkyB in the UK, the TDS470N is the latest in personal video recorder technology and design.

The TDS470N comes with a hard drive capable of storing up to 80 hours of programming. Further content can also be archived to VHS.

With twin digital tuners users can watch one channel while recording another or record two channels while watching archived content.

The PVR’s trick mode functionality means that users can pause, rewind, fast-forward and record at the touch of a button.

The TDS470N’s Series Link feature enables an entire TV series of recordings to be automatically scheduled from the EPG at the touch of a button.

Subscription to Sky required for Sky+ PVR function.

- Dual record mode
- Single programme and Series Link recording
- Instant replay
- Smooth trick modes
- Play and record TV/radio
- Manual or automatic disk space management
- DiSEqC 1.2 compatible
- NDS VideoGuard CA
- OpenTV Core 1.1 middleware
- Software upgrade over-the-air