SLx Omnilink Plus TV Link Kit

SLx Omnilink Plus TV Link Kit . Control digital satellite receivers, Freeview boxes, VCR, DVD Players from a second TV in a different location in the home (coax cable required to 2nd TV)
Includes DigiEye, Power Supply, 3 infra-red sensors, OmniLink.
Not suitable for NTL.

Omnilink Plus Kit

This product solves a problem - once you've laid cable around your home to extend your use of Satellite TV,  Freeview Box, VCR or DVD to another room you still have to change the channel! The Omni Link works with the SLX Link and allows the SLx Link to control more that just one device. This means that now you can control all these devices from another room.

The Omni Link works by picking up the remote control signal from your Sky, Freeview, VCR, DVD or other remote in your bedroom via the SLx Link's little eye, converting the infra red pulses to electronic pulses, sending the electronic pulses down the aerial cable to the receiver.

  • Watch and control a VCR, DVD and DVB-T box from a remote room

  • Sends IR signals via coax cable

  • Includes lead with 3 IR sensors, SLx Digilink sensor and power supply