Freesat HD PVR Twin Tuner System with Installation

Freesat HD PVR Twin Tuner  system inc Installation comprising:

Humax FoxSat  HD PVR Twin Tuner 320GB  Freesat receiver
43cm Freesat Minidish & Quad LNB
Standard Installation

Freesat HD PVR Twin Tuner system including Installation comprising:

Humax FoxSat  HD PVR Twin Tuner 320GB Freesat receiver
43cm Minidish & Quad LNB
Standard Installation

  • This item is for the satellite equipment , cabling and  the Freesat HD PVR Twin Tuner Box.
  • Our installers will call within 48 hours to arrange a convenient date for set up and installation of your Freesat equipment and satellite dish.
  • Installation has restrictions so the installer will also check with you the details of your property to ensure that the standard installation service will be suitable.
  • The installer may quote additional charges for installations outside the scope of the standard conditions.
  • Any additional charges are paid directly to the engineer.
  • This service is suitable for domestic premises only.
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