Canal + Le Bouquet Arabsat 12 Month Card


Canal+ Le Bouquet 12 mt Card broadcasting from Arabsat Bad-R on 26" East, the best Canal + French channels now available on Arabsat for all French Speaking.
Channels available with this card:
Canal + Essentiel, Canal + Cinema, Canal + Familly, Cinecinema Frisson, Cinecinema Star, France 2,
France 3, France 5, Tv Breizt, Game One, MTV, NJR Hits, Trace,M6 Music Hits , Planete,Planete Thalassa,
Ushuaia TV, Histoire, Piwi, Teleton, I Tele, LCI, Cuisine TV, Infosport, Ol TV, OM TV , Girondin TV.

Channel available :

Canal + essentiel,
Canal + cinema
Canal + familly
Cinecinema frisson
Cinecinema star
France 2,3,5
Tv Breizt
Game one
NJR hits
M6 music hits
Planete thalassa
Ushuaia tv
I tele
Cuisine tv
Ol tv
OM tv
Girondin Tv

Canal + Le Bouquet broadcast from Arabsat 26" East.

Please esure you have te correct equipment and the right size of dish to receive Canal+ le Bouquet channels on Arabsat.

Channels are subject to change without notice by the broadcaster. This viewing card is offered for Domestic Use only.

No warranty is supplied on the card if damaged or misused. Cards are sold on the understanding that they are used only in the Official Decoder or Cam.

Disclaimer: This Card is offered for sale to domestic households and is for private use only.