Sky UK Freesat Card


The Freesat card adds the full terrestrial UK channel line-up onto your Sky Digi box.
You do not have to sign up to a monthly package when purchasing the FreeSat card so you only pay a one-off fee of £60.

The SKY FreeSat cards we supply will be activated and you could use in any Sky digibox so you just add the card to the Sky Viewing card slot in the box and it will add the UK terrestrial line up such as Channel 5 and also Sky 3..
Please note the pause and record facility will not work if you put the card in a Sky plus or Sky plus HD box, this facility requires a monthly subscription.

We arrange the UK address and Sky contract for you . You do not have to sign any complicated forms from Sky. If you are purchasing this card with a digibox we will preactivate the card in the decoder before despatch. If this card is for use in a decoder not supplied by us then supply us the version and serial number of your sky digibox when you receive the card and we will activate in your box. You are provided with a full 1 year support contract with each card.  You never need to call Sky again !

Our charge of £ 299.95 is for the supply of the card, use of the UK address, completing the Sky contracts on your behalf, activation of the card and 12 months support should you need it. Sky will then charge you directly by direct debit on your credit card for your chosen package on a monthly basis.

Sky billing: Sky will charge 1 month in advance + 1 month subscription on your first payment. If you decide to cancel your Sky contract after 12 months your last month will not be charged .

All subscriptions are for a 1 year period and subject to an annual renewal fee if subscribing again.

No package changes are allowed during the first 2 months. After this period you may let us know the SKY Package of your choice. Package options include Sky entertainmnet package , Sky sports mix and Sky movies mix.

For channel listing please go to

*subject to dish size and location