Amstrad DRX890 SKY+ HD 3D 500GB

Latest SKY HD High Definition Digibox . Amstrad DRX890 with 500 GB Hard Drive ..
Sky HD Features:

  • Captures every detail, facial expression and movement.
  • Background detail will spring to life.
  • All the functionality of a Sky+ subscription.
  • A wide range of Sky HD channels .

Sky+HD at a glance

Sky+HD comes with all the benefits of Sky+ like pause and rewind live TV and Series Link, plus more storage capacity.

  • The widest range of HD channels in the UK
  • Up to 4 times more picture detail and incredibly vibrant colour
  • Superb quality Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound†
  • A collection of the week's unmissable TV, ready to watch when you are, with Sky Anytime
  • Record 2 programmes at once at the touch of a button
  • Record selected series automatically to watch whenever you want
  • Pause and rewind live TV and you'll never miss a thing

† Available on many HD programmes with a compatible TV and home cinema system.

- DVB-S2 demodulation capability used for HD transponders
- 500GB hard drive
- 250GB HD for customer recordings, 250GB HD reserved for TV Anytime and SKY use.
- v90 (56k bps) Modem
- 128Mb General RAM & 32 MB Decode RAM
- 2 x 16Mb Flash Memory (software downloads)
- 32Kb NVRAM (user settings storage)
- Digital Optical Output - supporting Dolby Digital 5.1
- Support for down sampling Dolby Digital to Dolby Prologic for other outputs
- MPEG2 / MPEG4 Decoder
- PAL i UHF Modulator (channel 21 -69 controlled by software) with 2 RF outputs (one capable of providing 9v to power TV link and accept remote commands)
- HDMI connector
- Component Video - Y pb pr
- TV SCART (composite video out, RGB in)
- VCR SCART (composite video in/out, RGB in)
- S-Video output (permanantly on)
- RJ11 telephone socket
- Left and right Phono outputs
- 2 ISO 7816 compatible Smartcard Slots
- 2 USB ports (1 front & 1 rear) reserved for future use
- 2 cooling fans - 1 in base, 1 on front left side of box
- RJ45 / Ethernet socket - reserved for future use
- SATA interface - reserved for Future use


Brand new Amstrad DRX890  with 500GB

HD picture quality - 720p and 1020i formats supported
Record up to 80 hours of TV, or 30 hours of HD TV onto its built-in disk
Watch one digital channel while recording another
Record two different channels at the same time, while watching a recorded show
Browse through a week’s worth of TV with the on-screen programme guide, selecting which shows to record
Pause and rewind live TV (handy for when the phone rings).
Use ’Series link’ to keep track of your favourite shows
A collection of "on demand" content with Sky Anytime
Take remote control of your Sky HD box over the Internet or from your mobile phone.

The Amstrad DRX890 (PVR5) is the latest Sky+HD Digibox to the market. Amstrad is owned by Sky and as such this product has gone through a much more intense testing than any other manufacturer of Sky+HD Digibox to ensure it offers exceptional quality with reliability to match; ideal to enjoy the very best of Sky television, both in standard and high-definition.

The Amstrad DRX890 Sky+ HD Digibox design matches the existing HD models except for being slightly smaller, with its dark black curved shape and matching remote. The unit contains the larger *500GB capacity hard drive for recording even more of your favourite programmes with Sky+ (Sky+ requires an active subscription to Sky), allowing you to record up to 185 hours of SD and 60 hours of HD.

*250GB personal storage; the remaining 250GB is retained by Sky for Anytime/VOD/3D services.

To conform to EU legislation this Sky+HD Digibox comes with the new Sky ’off’ mode to allow you to switch off and meet the maximum 1watt power usage. This option is selected by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds until the digibox displays the red ’off’ light. In ’off’ mode the digibox will NOT record any scheduled recordings, download Sky Anytime content or support TV Link, so they have included a ’standby’ mode as well by just pressing the power button once, the digibox with go into sleep mode and display an amber light instead. A neat feature to meet all regulations.

Amstrad DRX890 Sky+ HD Digibox Specifications and Features

Contents include:
- Sky+HD Digibox with massive 500GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive
- HD Remote Control (includes 2 x AA batteries)
- Instructions
- Scart Lead
- UK Power Lead
- HDMI Lead
- RF Lead
- Telephone Lead

- CVBS Video Output
- Digital Optical Audio Output
- Digital Coaxial Audio Output
- L&R Phono Audio Output (white and red)
- VCR/DVD Scart
- Dish input 1 & 2
- External SATA
- External Ethernet (RJ45)
- Modem/telephone connection (RJ11)
- USB Interface (x2)
- Aerial In
- RF Out 1
- RF Out 2 (9v)