Vision 7x24 Genie Pro V75 Multiswitch

VISION V75-242 Genie Pro 7 inputs x 24 Outputs Multiswitch..
An innovative approach to fast IRS installations. One compact package includes 7 variable inputs - 4 for satellite LNB; one FM; one DAB and one UHF TV. UHF input auto-line powers 12V DC masthead amplifier up to 100mA. Has 24 outputs optimised for long, medium and short cable lengths. Removes need to equalise, amplify or attenuate signals. Features switch-mode PSU.

• Active 24 output multiswitch
• Super low insertion loss with stepped gain outputs
• High output for long subscriber lines (up to 80m)
• Separate FM, DAB & UHF terrestrial inputs
• Input level controls (0-10dB) for all inputs
• 18V / 1000mA LNB power via H inputs to power LNB and other devices
• 12V / 100mA auto line power for terrestrial masthead amplifier with LED indicator
• Quattro LNB input required
• Switch-Mode-Power-Supply

V75-242 Genie Pro

24-way Multiswitch

The Genie Pro is an ideal single box solutions for small to medium IRS work offering extremely simple and quick installations. All inputs are filtered fortrouble free operation with level adjustments for simple set up. An automatic 12V 100mA Masthead PSU on the UHF input is included. The outputs are grouped into short, medium and long cable runs thus enabling the product to balance out different cable lengths and the isolated losses ensuring optimal signals in all outlets. With the input levels set correctly cable lengths from 3m to 70m are easily coped with. The LNB is powered from the Horizontal High connection, that has 1.2 amp, sufficient to power a wide range of modules including LNBs, amplifiers etc.