OSN Kids10 Viewing Card


OSN Orbit Showtime Kids10 is showing the best of International Kids television. OSN Orbit Showtime Kids10 is suitable for most of young audience as this TV Subscription includes around 16 Channels including BBC Entertainment, Show Movies Kids, Disney, Discovery, Animal Planet and many more all with English Audio.


OSN Orbit Showtime 12 Months Kids10 package

This card is not suitable for UK clients unless you have or intend installing a massive dish. OSN broadcast on Nile Sat 7 degrees and check before purchase you are able to receive these channels, simply by scanning in Nile Sat.
This subscription / cards are ideal for Southern Europe clients who can pick up Nile Sat with much smaller dishes.
Must use Irdeto 2 Embedded HD Receiver supplied with card..
 Nilesat 7" West – U.K. dish size: Min  150cm South, 400cm North

Channels / Packages are subject to change without any prior notice...