ADMC Abu Dhabi Sport Card Subscription Renewal 12 Months

ADMC Abu Dhabi Sport Card Subscription Renewal 12 Months . The ADMC Abu Dhabi Sport package consists of 11 channels receivable on Nilesat 7"West and Badr 6 at 26" East. The channels are.....AD HD Sports 1 - 6, Sky News HD, Fox Movies HD, Fox Series HD, and National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD. Twelve Months Subscripion Renewal option to ADMC Abu Dhabi Sport existing subscribers.


Twelve month subscription renewal facility for existing ADMC viewers.

We can renew cards bought from other dealers.

Enter your unique ADMC box serial number and your unique ADMC smartcard serial number in the space provided above and we will do the rest.
Re-activation takes 24 hours from the time of ordering.
Box serial numbers normally consist of 14 digits and card serial numbers 11 digits.

Twelve month subscription renewal to Abu Dhabi Sports full package

 This package will includes the Official ADMC sport Humax HD receiver with 12 months subscription embedded.

Note that ADMC do not have the EPL Rights any longer..

Abu Dhabi Sport with 11 channels among which 8 channels are fully dedicated to sport and more, Live Cricket, Rubgy League, Rugby Union, Golf, Tennis, Formula 1 in HD, UFL in HD, Additional Sports Content in HD , also the best of movies, documentaries and series with Fox Movies HD, National Geographic HD and Fox Series .

Channels available:

  • Abu Dhabi Sports 1
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 2
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 3 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 4 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 5 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 6 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 7 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 8 HD
  • Fox Movies HD
  • National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD
  • Sky News HD 


    Please ensure that you can receive the Abu Dhabi channels prior to ordering the card renewal. The Abu Dhabi package will be broadcast from the same satellite as Showtime - Nilesat at 7 degrees west. Therefore if you could receive Showtime you will be able to receive Abu Dhabi using the same dish set up ( please check all the channels before hand)

    Reception of Nilesat in the UK is very difficult but it may be possible to get the signal in certain areas , especially in the South England..

    Available for easy reception in North Africa and Southern European locations such as Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus

    We recommend our Sky Italia packages in case you cannot receive the signal for the Abu Dhabi channels.. These packages also will give excellent coverage of the EPL but will not show quite as many matches as Abu Dhabi. However they do include lots more different competitions and superb coverage of all major sports throughout the world.

    Abu Dhabi Sport broadcast from Nilesat 7" West and Badr 6

    We can renew your Abu Dhabi card and renewal is straight forward, after your card has expired simply contact us with your card number and we will arrange for your card to be renewed  for a further  12 months.

    Channels are subject to change without notice by the broadcaster. This viewing card is offered for Domestic Use only.

    No warranty is supplied on the card if damaged or misused. Cards are sold on the understanding that they are used only in the Official Decoder or Cam.

    Disclaimer: This Card is offered for sale to domestic households and is for private use only.


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