Neotion Viaccess Secure ACS 3.x CW64 CAM

The Neotion Viaccess Secure ACS 3.x CW64 CAM have been updated to the latest version P/N:6320 and  suitable to use with providers such as  BIS TV France, beIN Sport France, Satisfaction TV, Redlight TV, AB Sat France, TVR Romania, Brazzers TV and many more.

Viaccess Secure ACS 3.x CW64 CAM BY NEOTION
This Neotion Viaccess Secure ACS 3.x CAM allows plug and Play Compatibility with DVB-CI standard (EN50221).  It is also compatible with the following standards and protocols: ETR289, ISO7816 T=0 protocol, Class A, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

Over the air upgradeable technology ensure the unit is compatible with ANY Viaccess secure and non-secure (older type) viewing card. Includes new Secure CA (ACS3.x) technology soon to be implemented by many channel providers.

Dual Descrambling technology is particularly suited to todays PVR: Watch the movie of the moment whilst recording your favourite TV show on a different channel.

Powered by NEOTION in-house silicon technology, the NEOTION Plug-n-Play CAM enables Digital TV sets (iDTV) and Set-Top Boxes to decode TV programmes scrambled in Viaccess ACS 3.x (compatible with lower version).

Inserted in the Common Interface (DVB-CI) slot, NEOTION CAM allows customers to simply benefit from the booming emergence of MPEG-4 / MPEG-2 and HDTV scrambled channels.


Stream Type Supported:

  • MPEG-2, MPEG-4, SD and HD
  • All Audio Type (MPEG2, AAC, HE AAC, Dolby etc.)
  • Private Data
  • Teletext


  • Plug and Play & User Friendly
  • DVB-CI high level MMI compliant
  • Languages: English


  • DVB Common Interface and PCMCIA
  • ISO/IEC EN50221 compliant
  • Smart Card: Full ISO 7816-3 (T=0) compliant
  • RoHS compliant - directive 2002/95/EC


  • Upgrade from MPEG transport stream over the air
  • DVB SSU compliant


  • VIACCESS Conditional Access System embedded (for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, SD & HD Pay TV services)
  • Unique and protected Authentication ID
  • Hardware crypto accelerators
  • Secure Chipset for application such as pairing (anti card sharing / anti control word sharing)
  • On chip OTP


  • On chip eDRAM: 16Mbits
  • Off chip Serial Flash: 16Mbits


  • ARM7 @ 126MHz
  • 8K I-cache and 8K D-cache
  • 8 DVB-CSA descrambler up to 64 PID
  • Section Filters - Transport packet filters up to 32 PID

Size, Weight & Power Supply:

  • PCMCIA Type II
  • 46g
  • 5 volts, from any DVB-CI host

The Neotion Viaccess CAM will allow you access to Viaccess channels when used with a suitable Viaccess card for the service to which you are subscribing. You require a decoder with cam slot.

What is included:

  • Neotion Viaccess Secure Cam
  • Model:  Neotion Secure ACS 3.x Module