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Dynamite Plus Programmer

Dynamite + Plus programmer ; New Duolabs Programmer; programs all popular cards .
The dynamite +plus is the "natural" evolution of the old dynamite programmer dated may 2005.
the new dynamite +plus is smaller than a packet of cigarettes and hold all the latest hardware technology and software research. the dynamite +plus works with the powerfull cas studio software which is continuosly updated with the latest smartcards programming tools around.

gsm sim card editor (sim editor): allows you to fully view, modify and store phonebook of your gms sim card. sms, contacts, sim data information can be easily viewed and where possible modified and then stored back to your sim card. this software is free to use and comes without any warranty by the developers.

wincrypt protects your files using des algorithm key stored a smartcard.

superlogger provides you with an advanced smartcard logging system to log all the iso traffic.

all the description in how the above softwares are working are reported on the cas interface 3 user guide here.
usb features.

-full speed usb device at 48 mhz internal speed.
-no need for external power supply.
-usb 1.1/2.0 compliant.
-user friendly gui.
-multilanguage software.
-fully flashable firmware for future software updates.

rs-232 com port features.

-oscillator 3,579/3,68/6,00 mhz and user programmable.
-phoenix/smartmouse emulation.
-unlooping functions.

supported smartcards up to today directly via usb:

os cards

opos card
cerebro card

obsolete cards

titanium 1/2
titan card
knot card 1/2
platinum card
penta card v3
m2 card

all this smartcards are programmed via usb following the original developers software. no need for serial connection anymore.

all pic and atmel avr based microcontrollers smartcards(*)


wafercard (16c84, 16f84, 16f84a)
goldcard (16f84/16f84a + 24c16)
silvercard (16f876/16f877 + 24c64)
greencard (16f876/16f877 + 24c128)
greencard2 (16f876/16f877 + 24c256)
bluecard (16f84a + 24c64)
canarycard (16f628 + 24c16)
emeraldcard (16f628 + 24c64)
singlepic (16f876, 16f627, 16f628). avr-based:

funcard/funcard2 (at90s8515 + 24c64)
prussiancard/funcard3 (at90s8515 + 24c128)
prussiancard2/funcard4 (at90s8515 + 24c256)
prussiancard3/funcard5 (at90s8515 + 24c512)
prussiancard4/funcard6 (at90s8515 + 24c1024)
prussiancard5/funcard7 (at90s8515 + 2*24c1024)
jupitercard (at90s2343 + 24c16)
jupitercard2 (at90s8535 + 24c64)
funcard atmega161 (atmega161 + 24c64)
funcard atmega163 (atmega163 + 24c256)
funcard atmega8515/funkey2 (atmega 8515 + 24c256)
blackcard (atmega128 + 24c256)

pre-programmed cards.

dragon card loader.