Digisat Pro Emitor Twin Meter

Digisat Pro Emitor Twin Meter , Digital Satellite Twin meter One in -Two out. Useful tool to have when re-align or installing a dish.
Full featured digital and analog satellite meter with LCD screen. Ideal for setting up a motorised or fixed dish system. The Digisat Pro offers Diseqc Switch testing and will check both LNB's at once in a Two-Satellite diseqc system. Furthermore the Pro can drive a Diseqc Motor East and West, ideal for moving the motor while you set up and track the arc on a motorised system. These meters are very sensitive & can detect weak signals. Works very well in Europe, America and Canada. Also useful for caravans etc.

  • 2 LNB's at the same time
  • Can detect 13/18 V +22 kHz + DiSEqC from the receiver
  • Can transmit 22 kHz and DiSEqC to the LNB
  • Can be set up as a 2-way switch (13/18 V, 22 kHz and DiSEqC)
  • Can run a DiSEqC - motor (East/West) with DiSEqC 1.2
  • Digisat PRO Emitor

    Features ● Satfinder which measures on two LNB´s at the same time.
    ● Measured information is displayed on the LCD.
    ● DiSEqC, 22 kHz, 13/18v and mA readout.
    ● Generate DiSEqC, 22 kHz and 13/18v to control LNB/switch.
    ● Also works as a 2-way switch (13/18v, 22 kHz or DiSEqC).
    ● Operates DiSEqC 1.2 actuators (East/West and reset).
    ● Built in beeper, higher tone - better signal.
    ● Very sensitive, easy to maximize weak and strong signals.
    ● 950-2150 MHz input frequency.
    ● F-connectors, CE-approved.
    Technical specification Input frequency: 2 x 950-2200 MHz.
    Input level: 20-100 dBuV.
    Through loss: 5 dB.
    Input impedance: 75 Ohm, F-connectors.
    Output impedance: 75 Ohm, F-connector.
    Short circuit protection: Automatic fuses on all inputs.
    Measuring method: Signal presentation on LCD
    display in form of thermometer
    scales or three digit number.
    Pitch-tone indication on loudspeaker.
    Max-level: Thermometer-scales showing
    max. Three digit numbers
    showing highest value. Highest
    tone on loudspeaker. Max holdfunction.
    Voltmeter: Voltmeter 0-30 volt. 0-900 mA.
    Indications: Voltage, current.
    22 kHz (on/off).
    MiniDiSEqC (toneburst).
    DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1.
    Transmitting: 22 kHz (on/off).
    MiniDiSEqC (toneburst).
    DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1.
    Actuator control: DiSEqC 1.2.
    Powersupply: From receiver via coaxial cable.
    External DC-power supply 12-
    18V Centerpin +.
    Power consumption: Appr. 35 mA without loudspeaker.
    Appr. 50 mA with loudspeaker.
    Weight: 0.1 kg.
    Dimensions: 145 x 55 x 20 mm.
    Options: Battery-pack.