Cryptoworks Cam

Discountinued- Please select the Irdeto CI+ Cam instead.

Cryptoworks CAM - for use with Cryptoworks Cards .Cryptoworks channels require a Cryptoworks card.
The Cryptoworks CAM will allow you access to cryptoworks channels when used with a suitable cryptoworks card for the service to which you are subscribing. Check availability

Cryptoworks CAM

The Cryptoworks Conditional Access Module provides access to broadcasts encypted in the Cryptoworks standard.


  • Descrambles premium and pay-per-view channelswth the appropriate viewing card.
  • Smart card support to enable renewable user identity and multiple authorization levels in a single home.
  • Plug and Play functionality
  • Designed to worldwide standards for DVB.
  • Professional use for Multiprogram descrambling.
  • Proven technology
  • Supports satellite reception