SKY Digibox Full Caravan KIT

Special Offer... This Package includes:
Sky Digibox
SKY 60cm dish + LNB
Tripod + 10mt cable + 2 F Plugs
SKY digibox,latest model, silver,no contract / no telephone connection required. Ideal to use in weak signal areas. Model is Amstrad DRX550

Tripod Stand

Tripod  Ideal for Caravans.. Tripod stand suitable for up to 80cm dishes ,very light weight yet strong structure. This is light Tripod Mount Ideal for caravaners,  the unit colaspes and assembles in under 2 Minutes - latest design has rubber feet..


Dish Caravan Kit + Tripod +

Full Package Caravan Kit ..

It Includes:
Tripod Stand ( easily foldable)
64cm Triax Dish ( Arm can be folded away)
0.2 dB Universal LNB
10mt cable + 2 F Plugs
SLX Sat Finder+ Patch Lead


Dish 44cm Flat Plate Square Antenna

44cm Flat Plate antenna (Performs like an 80cm dish) with Tripod kit option available

  • 44cm Flat New Generation Antenna
  • High performance
  • Ideal for caravaners
  • Temporary installations
  • Tower Blocks
  • OAS FLAT440 FLAT 440 Gregorian Antenna
  • Discrete satellite Dish / Antenna

Easy to install, Light New Generation Antenna including intergral Universal LNB,

  • Dimensions 47.5cm x 47.5cm
  • Frequency Range 10.7 - 12.75 Ghz (extended Ku Band)
  • Polorization, Dual Linear, EG Horizontal and Vertical
  • Gain 34.8db
  • Cross Polarization 30
  • Elevation 67 degrees
  • Azimuth 180 degrees

SKY Digital Minidish + SKY Quad LNB

SKY Digital Minidish and LNB . Average size 45cm, region 1.
It includes Minidish , |SKY Quad LNB and all the wall bracket.

64 cm Triax Dish

64cm Triax High Gain Dish suitable for fixed or motorised systems. It can be pole or wall Mounted. It includes: Dish & assembly pack . Ideal for Caravans..