Polar Mount


Standard Polarmount

Standard PolarMount to use with an actuator., ideal to use with Standard Offset Dishes up to 1.2mt dish size. ( note that it might not be compatible with all dishes )


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Triax Polarmount

Triax Polar Mount For TD Range
Polar mount replaces back bracketry of TD dishes for
ease of installation, Can be used on all TD dishes from
54cm to 110cm and will accept actuators up to 18".



Gilbertini Polar Mount for 85cm & 1mt

Polar mount for conventional Jack Arms this Polar mount fits both the 85cm and 1 Metre Gibertini Dishes and comes with clear and easy instruction - it's robust precise construction means it will last well and perform better than most use with a 10 or 12 inch Jack to give all or most of the polar Arc

Gilbertini Polar Mount for 1.2m & 1.5m

Polar Mount for the  Gibertini  1.2m & 1.5 m dish, you'll need this polar mount and the az/el mount, along with an 18" or 24" jack arm. Don't forget to use a subtantial pole to mount the motorised dish assembly. If in doubt, ask us for advice.. This Mount also fits the 1.2 Metre Gibertini dish (only needed if you are going to use a traditional Jack arm) this unit is robust and precise .